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Line Producer
Unit Production Manager
Production Assistant

Marine & Environmental Photographer

Location Scout & Manager
Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei

Expedition Leader & Manager
Cruise Director

Underwater Cameraoperator

Private Underwater Photography
Tutor / Instructor

Safety Diver
Underwater Scenes Coordinator

Program Manager & Consultant

Project & Event

Public Speaker
Underwater Photography Workshop Presenter


  • It was a genuine pleasure to spend time alongside Eric on the Guiness World Record for the Longest Underwater Cleanup, in Sabah. We were covering the event for a Discovery Channel Asia documentary and Eric assisted us with access and advice regarding our crew deployment, as well as always being willing (and articulate) to appear on camera at various intervals to aide the telling of our story. I was personally very impressed with the organisational and logistic skills displayed by Eric and his team throughout the entire 7 day event.
    Emile Guertin - Executive Producer - Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
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  • We used Eric and his team to help us on a shoot for National Geographic, filming sea turtles in Borneo, and I have to say we owe our success to them. From start to finish, every thing down to the smallest detail was planned out, accounted for and handled. From visas to transportation, accommodations to translations, and even guided dives on the reef, Eric and his team are professional perfectionists who will go out of their way to make sure your project is successful. They are the only group I will work with if I ever return to Malaysia; highly recommended.
    Griffin Kenemer - Associate Producer - National Geographic Television
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  • Eric was our fixer for a shoot in Malaysia Borneo with British TV presenter Nick Baker. We were shooting on a very tight schedule. I strongly recommend Eric! From talent scouting, organizing all the logistics, to translating, to coming on the shoots with us and helping film and take photos, he was 100% dedicated to our project and getting the job done. Thank you to Eric and his team, we couldn't have done it without you and hope to work together in the future.
    Claire Clements - Director / DOP - Beach House Pictures
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  • Eric is a highly talented underwater photographer with an immense knowledge of marine biology. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious. He works very hard without losing his great patience and charm, and is able to deliver a polished product on short deadlines. I highly recommend him to anyone taking an underwater photography expedition or anyone who wants to have a great diving companion as he jumps in as a guide and teacher.
    Stephen Kimmel - Independent Consultant
  • Thank you for your great support for our Discovery Channel production, it all went so smoothly, you were super organised, responsible and reliable. Look forward to work with you again.
    Jo Fok - Executive Producer - Marshmallow Media
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  • I hired Eric for a photographic project I was doing on the Sea Gypsies of Sabah. Eric was very easy to work with and went beyond expectations with regards to logistics, security and local help to cover locations and keep the shoot running smooth and safe. There were safety concerns due to kidnappings in the region and Eric made sure I was safe (with the help of his local contacts). I have worked with various fixers before in many other countries and I can defiantly recommend him and his team for their professionalism. I really could not have done the shoot in such a short time without his help
    Mark Lehn - Environmental Photographer
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  • As a producer who has worked in challenging locations all over the world, Borneo, Malaysia has to be one of the most difficult to plan a shoot. We worked with fixer Eric Madeja and his production company, they handled our logistics down to the smallest detail. Eric and his team were extremely professional and covered every aspect of planning the travel, lodging, meals, diving and daily plans. Eric knows the local people, culture, diving, and wildlife as well as anyone. I strongly recommend him to any production company that plans to work in Malaysia.
    Hayes Baxley - Producer - National Geographic Television
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  • We had the pleasure of working with Eric on multiple occasions over the last couple of years for wildlife documentary shoots – and he will be the first person I call the next time I find myself filming in Asia. I was highly impressed with his forward planning and attention to detail on the shoot logistics. Working in remote locations and humid environments can present challenging filming conditions in which things don’t always go quite to plan. Eric always seems to be several steps ahead and always has a plan. He is the safe pair of hands that you want to have with you on any shoot.
    Dan Perowne - Producer - Offspring Films Ltd
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  • We recently worked with Eric on a shoot taking place in Kuala Lumpur. I would absolutely recommend him - he was so helpful, knowledgeable and happy to answer any and all of our questions. He went out of his way to make sure we got everything we needed on what was an extremely short turnaround time. The shoot itself went really well and my team on the ground were really happy with the service we received.
    Rachel Doctors - Assistant Producer - New Black Films Ltd
    new black films ltd
  • I can’t recommend Eric highly enough. They helped us with a documentary we’re producing for Channel 4. We presented a tough job in regards to quick turnarounds and tricky access. Eric and his team were brilliant and made the impossible happen. Reliable, friendly and supportive. Perfect fixers!
    Rich Bentley - Producer - Postcard Productions Ltd
    location fixer for uk prodution in asia
    I used Eric's fixing expertise in Malaysian Borneo while scouting locations for a Discovery Channel show on wildlife and wild places. I landed in country and realized immediately that Eric had taken care of EVERY detail of my 10-day scout: vehicle, driver, guide, itinerary, lodging, meals, etc. He and his colleagues were completely focused on my mission, freeing me up to find everything I needed and so much more. Eric is completely professional, charming and personable - an unbeatable combination.
    Brian Sides - Independent Producer
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    I worked with Eric Madeja and his production company on a challenging documentary shoot in Borneo. Eric was professional, friendly, and highly responsive during the weeks leading up to the shoot. He handled all local arrangements down to the tiniest detail, and went above and beyond to make sure the production went as smoothly as possible. He paired our DP with a local fixer who spoke the language and knew the people and the culture intimately. I highly recommend Eric and his team to any production company seeking a fixer in Malaysia.
    Ashley Brook - Producer/Director/Writer - DEEP Inc.
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    Competent and trustworthy. Good network. Can recommend highly.
    Valentin Greutert - Producer - Feature Film Bruno Manser / A Film Company Gmbh
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